3 Must-do Upgrades for Resale Home Renovations

3 Must-do Upgrades for Resale Home Renovations

If you are going to buy a resale home, you should know how much it would cost to renovate it. Purchasing a resale home can be a good investment, because these sellers price their units below the market valuation in order to close a quick sale. No matter what type of resale property you are purchasing, your budget may go out of order if you will not plan beforehand. Following are 3 must-do upgrades that you need to make in resale home renovations:

  1. Renovating bathrooms and kitchens: When setting budget for home renovation, you must keep in mind certain areas that can have more problems. Two of these areas of a home are bathroom and kitchen. These areas are more vulnerable, in fact, if it is a resale property. Ignoring bathroom and kitchen can worsen the situation and cost you more in the future with whole new problems.

Hence, when renovating your home, you should always focus your attention on the toilets and kitchen. These are two common areas that are used regularly and, therefore, experience wear and tear the most. Both these areas have pipes and water fixtures that can leak over time due to continuous wear and tear or external damage. The wet floor and wall tiles can collect grime and also cause mold to grow with the passage of time.

The kitchen of a resale property brings even more challenges. Heavy-duty cooking can easily discolor or stain the tiles and cabinets. The frequent usage of the cabinets can stain them or cause its veneer to peel. The kitchen fixtures and faucets can also deteriorate overtime.

Hence renovating kitchen and bathroom becomes very important in case of a resale property.

  1. A fresh coat of paint: A fresh coat of paint can change the look and feel of a resale home completely. The walls of resale home are usually chipped and peeling from many areas. Hence, you have to work a lot on it. A good paint job isn’t very expensive always, but it can be game-changing. A right paint color not only makes the home presentable, but also gives it a whole new positive vibe. On the other hand, a bad paint job can ruin everything.

So if you want to repaint your home, always hire qualified professionals who have expertise and experience in this area. If your walls will not be painted properly, ugly streaks will appear which will ruin the look of entire home.

  1. Small upgrades: Sometimes, you need not start everything from the scratch. Many times, making few upgrades here and there are enough to make the place worth living. Check out each room and see changing what components can make a certain room look better. By introducing incremental upgrades here and there, you can make your resale property appear brand new, while avoiding expensive and time-consuming renovations.

For example, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, lighting and furnishing are some basic things that you can change in low cost. Although these items are affordable, they can make a huge aesthetic impact.

These are the few tips that can help you recreate the look of your resale home completely!

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