5 Hidden Costs of Home Renovation

5 Hidden Costs of Home Renovation

While the renovation process is undergoing, there are many things that can surprise you on the way. One of them can be the hidden cost that your contractor never told you before the commencement of the renovation project. Nothing could be more distressing than the part when you end up spending much more than the budget that you’ve set aside. There are many things that contractors don’t include in the quotations, assuming that you already know that. This leads to the friction afterwards and delays in the project, which must be avoided. Let’s see what these things are:

1. Electrical Work: Contractors don’t include electrical work cost in their quotations because they are usually outsourced to third-party electrician. If you are not sure whether your contractor has included this or not, ask him to give you an accurate estimation based on your expectations. This estimate should cover each and every cost. It doesn’t need to be an exact amount, but you should at least know how much budget you should set aside for the renovation. If the amount quoted by the contractor seems too high, try considering other electricians to find a cheaper alternative.

2. Bathroom Accessories: Bathroom accessories such as storage heater, shower screen, mirror, rain shower, towel shelf and other equipment may appear small expenses to you individually. However, when you add them up all, this can cost you more than $1,000. Moreover, the installation of these bathroom fixtures may cost you extra. Again, your contractor may not include this in the original quotation. Hence, before hiring a renovation expert, get a rough estimate on how much installations would cost.

3. Air cons, Curtains, Window Grilles: The home appliances and décor items such as air conditioners, curtains and window grills are not included in the quotation that your contractor gives you. An air con installation can cost you a lot more, so discussing the same with your contractor beforehand can save you from future surprises.

4. Lighting Fixtures: Correct lighting can change the entire ambiance of the home. Even a simple house starts looking like an artistic masterpiece with beautiful lighting fixtures. A renovation is incomplete unless you have used right types of lighting in every nook and corner of the home. Unfortunately, some contractors also skip including this part in the quotations. Hence, ask your contractor about the type of lights you need to decorate your home and the estimated budget required for that.

5. Painting, Haulage & Cement Screeding: All these are the costs that can’t be avoided. Therefore, make sure that your contractor has included it in your original quotation. This will save you from incurring the extra costs in the future.

The Bottom Line

All these are unavoidable costs that contractors often don’t include in the original quotations. So if you want to avoid running out of budget afterwards, get a rough estimate of all these costs beforehand. Planning everything prior to the commencement of project will also prevent future delays in the renovation process and you will be having a more positive relationship and communication with your contractor.

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