5 Tips to Renovate Bathroom on a Budget

5 Tips to Renovate Bathroom on a Budget

Just like any other part of the home, your bathroom should also look sleek and stylish. When you are paying too much attention to other parts of the home, why neglect the bathroom? Bathroom is the most visited place of your home and, therefore, it is more prone to wear and tear than other parts of the home. However, renovating the bathroom isn’t a very budget-friendly affair because bathroom fixtures and other accessories are usually costly. Well, if you also want to overhaul the look of your bathroom, the following tips will help you plan everything on a budget. So, let’s have a look:

  1. Start with a fresh coat of paint: This rule is not only for the bathroom, but you should start renovating every room with a fresh coat of paint. A new paint can give a whole new look to your bathroom. When choosing colors, it’s always advisable to stay safe with the neutral colors and choose vintage tiles if your budget is limited. However, you can also become more dramatic with bold colors if that matches with the bathroom tiles. Apart from that, using wallpapers in the bathroom can also be good decision if your budget allows it.

  1. Coordinate accessories: Accessories are the most important part of a bathroom. The beautiful accents give a designer look and feel to the space. Your choice of bathroom accessories including cabinets, framed mirrors, soap holders etc. can put a huge impact on the overall look of the bathroom. If you have a limited budget and can’t spend more on tiles, tubs, wallpapers etc., then you can experiment with choosing high-end accessories. You can also DIY vintage accessories on your own. Even if your other things aren’t too luxurious, high-end accessories will give an illusion of a modern bathroom.

  1. Convert your tub into shower: If you feel like you do not need a bathtub because you do not use it, you can convert it into a shower with glass partition. Moreover, it will be quite cost-effective because neither you need to bring any extra space to accommodate the shower nor there will be any need to reroute the plumbing. You are only reusing the space that was previously occupied by the bathtub.

  1. Renovate your vanity top: Bathroom renovation is incomplete without overhauling your vanity tops. If you think your bathroom countertops have become outdated, there are a few ways by which you can refurbish it on a budget. Marble is the most common furnishing item in a home. If you’ve got bored with the current color of your marble countertop, try changing its color. Apart from that, if you have a laminate countertop, try installing tiles over it. It will not only resist water damage, but it is quite cheap as well.

  1. Pay attention to bathroom fixtures: Fitting and fixtures are other most important bathroom details that are often overlooked during renovation. The style and quality of bathroom fixtures you choose can put the biggest impact when refreshing your bathroom. For example, matte black and chrome fixtures are always a wise choice. On the other hand, if you want to create a modern look, copper or brass will be an ideal choice.

Hope, these tips will help you create a bathroom of your dreams.

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