5 Tips To Renovate Your Living Room

5 Tips To Renovate Your Living Room

Living Room is the heart of a home! This is a place where family spends some cozy time with each after a long tiring day. In fact, living room is the place where most families spend their time, and hence it should be extremely beautiful and comfortable too. If you are looking to renovate your living room and want to give it a luxurious look, the following 5 tips will definitely help you. So let’s have a look at the following 5 tips to renovate your living room:
1) Brighten up the walls with nice paint: The color of paint you choose for your living room walls can make or break the first impression. The colors will decide how your guests would feel in the living room and how relaxing the space is. Using both warm and cool colors such as soft blue and white gives an elegant feel to the room. You can also consider applying wallpaper with chic print.

2) Choose stylish flooring: When it comes to living room flooring, you must choose flooring that is comfortable and makes a style statement at the same time. You can lay down hardwood flooring or conceal it with vibrant wall-to-wall carpet to make the room more warm and cozy. Using carpet also reduces the echo and makes the place quiet. You can also use stone tiles and ceramic tiles in place of hardwood flooring. If you want to get more attention to your furniture or other décor items, try choosing solid neutral flooring.

3) Choose inviting lighting: Don’t choose any random lighting for your living room. It must change the ambiance of your living room completely. The lighting should be relaxed, comfortable and inviting. Try positioning the lights in a triangle shape as it ensures the thorough distribution of illumination. Always call a professional electrician to change the lights as DIY electrical projects are illegal and unsafe.

4) Prefer neutral colors for furniture: Although there is nothing bad in buying bright colored furniture for your living room, preferring neutral colors will be more practical decision if you want to do long term investment. Neutral colors can match almost every paint color and moreover, they are evergreen. You will not have to change your furniture every time you change your room paint.

5) Accessorize: Once you’ve covered the basics of a living room, it’s time to accessorize it with art and collections. Decorate your living room walls with beautiful paintings and art pieces. You can also experiment with geometric shaped décor items to create depth and style. Using bonsai and adding lamp shades give a style to the room. Taking care of even minor details matter a lot when it comes to renovating living room. By using little accessories such as porcelain artifacts, flower vases, photo frames and other decoration materials, you can put a great impact on how your living room looks.
Hope, these tips will definitely help you avoid certain mistakes that many people make during living room renovation.

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