How To Make A New Floor Without Removing The Existing One

How To Make A New Floor Without Removing The Existing One

Who doesn’t wish to have a beautiful home and amazing interiors! Well, everyone of course! Now when we are talking about interiors, it would not be wrong to say that flooring forms a very important part of the entire décor. When you think about home renovation, flooring is one thing that can’t be missed at all. However, removing your current flooring and then adding a new one can be both costly and time-consuming. Thankfully, there are several flooring ideas you can use to upgrade your flooring without removing the existing one. Let’s see what they are:

  1. Floating Floor: Wood flooring is quite in trend these days. Moreover, it’s very easy to lay down a wood underfoot by installing a floating floor. As compared to traditional wood flooring in which solid wood strips are nailed down, the floating planks are either snapped together or glued. The best thing about this kind of flooring is that it can stick to virtually any material such as plywood, concrete, ceramic tile or vinyl sheet. Moreover, the thick factory-applied coating of floating floor is more durable than one applied on solid wood in your home.

  1. Engineered Wood Floor: Engineered wood floor is made of thin sheets of wood that is glued together like plywood. Although the traditional solid wood flooring in which strips are nailed down the floor is long lasting and can last a century, working with engineered flooring is quite easy and you can get a new floor very quickly. Engineered wood floor also arrives with durable factory-applied finish which makes it quite durable.

  1. Cork Floor: Cork floor is another modern way to upgrade your existing flooring. Cork is resilient, stylish and durable floor which gives earthy, natural look to your room. Moreover, cork is also a lot easier to install than the traditional type of wood flooring. These engineered panels snap together without nails or glue. This floor can directly sit over concrete, plywood, or any other kind of existing flooring.

  1. Stair Runner: Staircase ornamented with beautiful and luxurious runner give an extravagant look to the home. Moreover installing a runner on staircase isn’t a very difficult project. You can easily do it yourself and give a whole new look to the home.

  1. Carpeting: Nothing could be more luxurious than a cozy floor-to-floor carpet that keeps your feet warm and comfortable. Carpeting is nice way to give a whole new touch to your home. It makes an echoing room quite, but more lively. Again, installing a carpet is very easy and you can simply do it yourself without any external professional help. This means it is a more cost-effective option than other floor upgrades.

The Bottom Line

Upgrading your existing floor isn’t a very terribly difficult job. All you need is the right specialty tools that can help you accomplish this DIY job. Even if you can’t do it yourself, hiring a professional contractor won’t cost you much. Rather, you will get your new floor set up in no time!

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