How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A HDB and BTO Flat?

How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A HDB and BTO Flat?

Want to renovate your HDB or BTO flat? Do you know how much does it cost? People who are going through this phase want to know the amount of money they need to spend to give a whole new look to their home. There is a common misconception among people that renovating two different types of homes would cost the same. However, there are numerous factors that decide the cost of renovation. This article will cover the same. Let’s have a look:

How much does it cost to renovate a HDB?

HDB (Housing and Development Board) is a housing agency in Singapore. Many people here may like to renovate their homes after a course of time in order to give it a fresh look. According to Qanvast, the average amount spent on a typical HDB flat renovation is about $56,000. However, if you want to be more realistic with your expectations, you need to consider several other things. If you want to have an idea of how much a contractor will charge you for renovating your HDB apartment, you should know what affects the cost of renovation.

There are many things that can increase or decrease the overall cost of renovation. These include the size of HDB, floor plan, its condition (whether it is old or new), the project scale (whether you need to renovate a single room or the entire house), the types of materials you’ve chosen to use in the renovation, project location and contractor’s valuation for the project. All these factors decide the estimate value of your HDB renovation. Hence, before deciding your own unrealistic budget, you should consult a contractor and ask him for home inspection. He will give you an idea of cost based on your expectations.

How much does it cost to renovate a BTO?

BTO (Built to Order) flats usually come unfurnished. It is usually a blank canvas which you have to paint from the scratch. As compared to resale HDB, where you can negotiate with the homeowners for furnishing and other fittings, BTOs are totally blank with no floor finishes, sanitary fittings, kitchen cabinets etc. While in case of BTO, you mostly need Add-ons to fill your home, HDB require eliminations and repairs which can sometimes be costlier. If you own a BTO and want a simple, minimalistic design, the renovation cost would be low. However, if you want to bring a more artistic and luxurious side to your home, the renovation cost will be significantly higher. So the renovation cost of a BTO flat can’t be estimated. It all depends on your personal choices.

The Bottom Line

Whether it is HDB, BTO or resale flat, a right estimation of budget can only be given after the thorough evaluation of your home and understanding your own expectations with it. Some owners with a limited budget just want a basic renovation, while others want to be more creative with their living spaces. Hence, instead of getting fooled by your imagination, hire a contractor and get a right estimate!

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