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Feel the difference that true innovation brings. Our excellent reputation is based on our beautiful results and our strong capacity to deliver. We are industry leaders for design solutions and recognised in Singapore for commitment to client goals and delivering exceptional results.
Our in-house team of expert designers have extensive experience working on a diverse range of commercial projects. Our years in the industry combined with an unparalleled creativity and attention to detail has made us many people’s preferred interior design contractor for condominiums, offices, HDB flats and landed houses. We work keeping in mind costs, scale and time to ensure that our work is uniquely geared towards your goals.

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People-centric Innovation and Modern Design Solutions for HDB Flats

We specialise in creating innovative spaces that have been designed with the needs and goals of the client at the forefront. Our expert in-house team will create intelligent and modern design solutions that will significant increase the value of your property and change the way you live, for the better. Our design solutions are cutting edge and tasteful as we balance timeless, traditional architectural elements with ease of use.

EightySeven Studio’s reputation has the status of being one of Singapore’s leading condo interior design contractors. Our prowess is due to our solid experience in this field as well as knowing what our clients want and delivering work of exceptional quality. We balance cost effective design solutions with cutting edge innovation, thereby maximising space and making a space feel just like home.

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Affordable and Effective Renovation Solutions for the Office

Our specialised in-house carpentry team can create furniture for your exact requirements. This enables your office space to be highly personalised and thereby truly reflecting your professional image.

Click on the “Contact” tab above for a quote on your office renovation, or to get in touch with us to discuss what EightySeven Studio can truly do for your commercial or residential property.

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Commercial Division

1. Premium Interior Design Consulting

2. Architectural renovation capabilities (both A&A and Construction)

3. Fire protection system installation

4. Mezzanine and racking system installation

5. PE endorsement for A&A works

6. LEW (CS/3, SOTO) certificates / Signage

7. Raised flooring system installation and door access

8. Office partition and carpet installation

9. Custom furniture making capabilities

10. Security solutions

Residential Division

1. Expert condominium interior design

2. Architectural renovation capabilities

3. PE endorsement for A&A works

4. HDB flat renovation capabilities

5. PUB license for plumbing

6. Premium LEW electrical solutions

7. Diverse range of renovation works

8. In-house carpentry solutions

9. Quality home and condo styling

10. Intelligent system installation

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